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VHF Frequencies Changing

Recently Radio Spectrum Management announced the Marine VHF channels will be changing at the end of 2016 . So what does it mean for you and your existing VHF? So far we don’t have all the information, but here is an overview of how we expect your radio to perform after the change:

Existing Channels 1-18 , 27-77:

NO CHANGE – You will be able to use your radio as you have been for any of these channels

Existing Channels 20-23:

You will still be able to recieve Now Casting weather by tuning to the correct frequency – New channels which start with “20”, such as 2019 or 2079, can be recieved by tuning to old channels without the 20 – so in my example channel 19 or 79. Note your local weather channel may change, for instance Hokianga currently transmits on CH22 will transmit on 2079.

New Channels 1019,1020,1078, 1079

You will be able to transmit on these frequencies by selecting the channel without the “10”, But you won’t be able to recieve on these frequencies.

All other channels:

Will now be used for data purposes, you will still be able to select these frequencies but you should not transmit as you may be interupting data transmissions.

If you do have any more information, or would like to ask us some questions, please get in touch!


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