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GARMIN 2015 new releases – CHIRP, CHIRP, CHIRP

This time of year is always exciting – the weather’s good, game fish abound and the tech companies are releasing new product lines. WE LOVE IT !We have just had a sneak preview of Garmin’s new plotter/sounder combo’s, and as usual we’re keen to get out and test them. The buzz-words at the moment are CHIRP and SIDESCAN.Back in 2012, we predicted a CHIRP revolution, and that is being proven the case, with all the major companies getting into it. Now Garmin has also built SIDEVU (sidescan) technology into the GPSmap range, so no need for a separate black box, and the new transducers will do the lot: Traditional/DownVu/SideVu and Chirp – all in one. Exciting stuff, and the prices will be SHARP!Watch this space – we will be reporting on the new models soon.


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