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Garmin GHP Reactor 40 Hydraulic Autopilot with GHC20




Our Most Responsive Autopilot System on the Water

  • Solid-state 9-axis Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS)
  • Minimizes heading error, course deviation, rudder movement and power consumption while providing a comfortable ride
  • Minimal commissioning and calibration
  • Patented Shadow Drive technology keeps you in control even when autopilot is engaged

Garmin brings an advanced marine technology once only available to commercial boats to the boating public in a complete package designed for powerboats and sailboats. The GHP Reactor autopilot series is simply the most responsive autopilot system we have ever offered.

GHP Reactor autopilots are very versatile. Both powerboat and sailing features are available in all core packs, including heading hold, wind hold, tack/jibe, step turns and more. Simply pick the autopilot that is compatible with your existing steering system.

The GHP Reactor Hydraulic Autopilot Core pack is ideal for all types of hydraulically steered powerboats - inboards, outboards, stern drives and diesels. This robust unit gives powerboat users an easy to use autopilot system to rely upon for navigation. Garmin GHP Reactor, with its solid-state 9-axis AHRS, mounts nearly anywhere, in any orientation and requires minimal commissioning. Garmin patented Shadow Drive technology gives boaters the security of knowing they maintain control, even when relying upon the autopilot. The Shadow Drive system automatically disengages the autopilot if the helm is turned, allowing the helmsman to maneuver the boat. The autopilot automatically re-engages when the helmsman holds a steady course.

Our thoughts..

Now includes solid state Altitude Heading Reference System giving better course control with less deviation and heading error.

In the box -

  • Reactor 40 CCU (Course Computer Unit)
  • GHC™ 20 helm control display
  • NMEA 2000® drop cables (2 meters)
  • NMEA 2000 power cable
  • NMEA 2000 T-connectors
  • Buzzer
  • Male and female terminators
  • Interconnect cable
  • ECU (Electronic control unit)
  • ECU (Electronic Control Unit) power cable
  • Shadow Drive
  • Documentation

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