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Customer Screenshots

Here are some screenshots that have been submitted by customers as part of our screenshot cashback promotion. It’s always good to see satisfied customers getting the most out of their gear and we’re constantly stoked to see you guys out there putting it to the test!

(Remember, if you purchased a fish finder from us between 1/11/12 – 15/12/15 and you send us a screenshot of your unit in action, we will give you a $15 cashback)

Tony Orton – Offshore Adventures (Mangawhai Heads) – Shallow water Kingfish around bait.

Ben Pokaia – Nomad Sportsfishing New Zealand – “18-22kG puka in about 140m”

Joseph Butterworth – “Single trout mark splitting up a small shoal of smelt. Garmin 1020xs”

Craig Brown – Kindly donated his $15 cheque to the Tauranga Coastguard. Thanks Craig!

Stu Griffin’s haul for the day.

Simon Smith “Got these shots out from Tairua yesterday. We spotted the Tuna on the surface and got a triple hook up on Big eye but lost one. Went back on the sounder and saw the amazing sign then marked it and went back 200m to it and got back on the Tuna. Garmin 7410 with GT51. We have the TM265 but find we get much more detail just watching the top 150m with the GT51. Fish went 43kg and 35kg”

Ben Pokaia – Nomad Sportsfishing
Getting readings at 800m while travelling 19.9 knots, and 668.1m at 22.1 knots. Ben uses a Garmin GSD-26 sounder and TM265 transducer.


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