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Furuno 2KW - 38Khz Transducer




This is a commercial transducer that has a bandwidth of 38kHz and is usable with FCV295, FCV1150, FCV1100, FCV1200, DFF3 and BBFF3 sonars. When used with the FCV1100/1200, sensitivity remains high even if the frequency is shifted +/- 10% to suppress interference.

  • 38kHz FRP Transducer
  • 2kW
  • 20.5 x 20.5 degree Directional Pattern
  • 15m Cable, no connector
  • Weight = 5.4kg
  • 120mm x 150mm x 123mm

Commonly paired with a 200B-8B transducer for use with FCV295, FCV1150 and DFF3.

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