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Garmin GT15M-IH In-Hull Transducer (8-pin)




Garmin GT15M-IH Plastic, In-Hull, Mid-Band CHIRP Transducer (85-165 kHz, 600W) (8-pin)

The new GT15M-IH transducer is well suited for fibreglass hulled boats where a transom mounted transducer could cause issues. The GT15M-IH is ideal for boats with a hull deadrise angle between 0 and 25 degrees and is the perfect solution for boats that want to maintain accurate depth readings at high speed.

This 8-pin transducer features mid-band CHIRP traditional sonar (85-165 kHz) and carries a power rating of 600 watts. The GT15M-IH can be used in combination with the GT30-TM transducer and an adapter cable, so you can maintain depth at high speeds and scanning capabilities at trolling speeds.

For this transducer to be used with echoMAP and STRIKER series sounders, an adapter cable will be required.

Note: comes with 4 plastic mounting tanks at varying angles to match your hull.

For installation, follow the included instructions carefully to avoid damaging your boat.

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