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XSONIC SS260 Stainless Steel. 1 kW Thru Hull 50/200Khz Depth/Temp w/HS Fairing Block




The SS260 is a stainless steel, 1kW RMS, thru-hull, 50/200 kHz depth and temperature sensor. Ideal for fishing in shallow, medium and deep waters.

Key Features

High Performance - The 1kW transducer is perfect for fast, sportfishing vessels that can install a thru-hull transducer with a fairing.

Deep Water Fishing - Excellent for deep water bottom and structure fishing up to 500m/1640f

Depth/Temperature - Calculate depth and temperature from one compact sensor.

Easy To Install

Wide Operating Range - From 1 knot to 45 knots.

Highly Accurate Sounding - Provides extremely accurate echosounding data, even at speeds of over 30 knots.

Dual Elements - The narrow, 6° beam 200 kHz ceramic offers excellent resolution and and crisp image detail for bottom fishing. The seven-element 50 kHz array has a wider 19° beam for deepr blue-water fishing.

Stainless Steel - Built to withstand the environment.

SKU: STD SS260 TAG: Simrad Transducers

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