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Furuno DB9 Chartplotter/Fishfinder and includes 4D NZ Chart




DB9 Official Model Name: GP-1971F

User Friendly Interface

  • Convenient slide out menus. The DB9 smart interface, features slide-out menus with all the options and data you need to dominate the fish.
  • Screen customisation. Customise your combination screens to create the perfect mix to fit your individual needs.
  • Finger gestures. With the finger gestures (swiping or tapping one or two fingers) you can either zoom in, zoom out, double tap to take a screenshot or change to a full screen mode when using a split screen combo.

Advanced Chartplotter Features

  • Detailed chart with C-MAP 4D.  By inserting C-MAP 4D charts, the DB-9 displays highly precise bathy data and heaps of useful information, such as relief vectors, tidal streams and marine plans, adding to your navigational awareness.
  • Autopilot Controls.  The DB9 can directly control the NAVpilot-300 and NAVpilot-711C via the NMEA2000 network.
  • On Screen Weather.  The DB9 can download C-Weather data from c-map.com providing wind, wave, humidity and temperature information.
  • Plotter with AIS symbols.  When connected to an AIS receiver, the DB-9 will display the latest AIS data on screen.
  • Various display modes. Including shaded reliefs, 3D and satellite views.

Built in 1kw CHIRP Fish Finder

  • Amazing detail with TruEcho CHIRP. The incredible level of detail available with TruEcho CHIRP technology helps to distinguish fish within schools, even when close to the seabed.  The clear presentation marks individual game fish and bait fish, even when tightly schooled together.
  • ACCU-FISH and Bottom Discrimination.  You can assess fish size and bottom composition thanks to ACCU-FISH and Bottom Discrimination functions. Additionally, ACCU-FISH icons and colors can be freely customised according to the size and depth of the targeted fish.

Wireless Radar Connection

  • DRS4W 1st Watch Wireless Radar.  The DB-9 is connectable to the 1st Watch 4kw Wireless Radar, significantly improving accuracy and safety while travelling at night or in poor weather.

Easy Screenshot and MicroSD Card.  Tap the display with two fingers to capture a screenshot that will be saved to your microSD card.

Anti Reflective Glass Coating and Strengthened Glass Filter
Internal GPS Antenna For Simple and Easy Installation
Daylight Viewable with Excellent Readability, Brightness of 1000 cd/m²

Refer to Brochure, Operators ManualInstallation Manual and Set Up Guide.

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