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Furuno MCU004 Remote Control For TZ Series Screens




The MCU004 is a compact, waterproof remote control unit for use with the NavNet TZ Series (NavNet TZtouch2, NavNet TZtouch3 and NavNet TZtouch). It offers the expandability of multi-touch operation of the NavNet TZ Series to the hardware key operation - as the best supplemental tool to multi-touch operation. With the MCU004, basic control of the NavNet TZ Series is always within arms reach.

The MCU004 consists of a simple joystick with Rotary capability (to substitute for the RotoKey on the TZtouch and for zooming in and out), 9 dedicated, logical hardware keys - offering control of nearly every aspect of the TZtouch system. The joystick can move in 8 directions to move a cursor or scroll the screen. It also has a "press" functionality - for example, if you press the joystick on the Chart screen, a contextual menu will appear.

The MCU004 also offers control of the NAVpilot 700 autopilot when that system is integrated with NavNet TZ Series.


  • Complete control of all TZtouch features and functions
  • Compactly sized for flexible installation
  • Combination of clickable joystick controller and tactile response buttons with Rotary Knob for simplified operation
  • New Auto-Scroll feature, enables instant panning/scrolling by placing cursor at edge of screen
  • USB 2.0 device with 2m cable, extendable with optional USB 2.0 extension cable (tested up to 30m)
  • Use with Multi-touch controls and NavNet apps
  • NZtouch v3.12 or later software required for MCU004 compatibility
  • Waterproof: IP56 Front (IP22 (back))
  • Power supply: USB bus power (Consumption current: Max. 270mA)
  • USB Cable: 3 meters long

Refer to Operators Guide

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